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28.5.4. Testing ABRT's Crash Detection

After completing all the steps of the configuration process, the basic setup is finished. To test that this setup works properly use the kill -s SEGV PID command to terminate a process on a client system. For example, start a sleep process and terminate it with the kill command in the following way:
~]$ sleep 100 &
[1] 2823
~]$ kill -s SIGSEGV 2823
ABRT should detect a crash shortly after executing the kill command. Check that the crash was detected by ABRT on the client system (this can be checked by examining the appropriate syslog file, by running the abrt-cli list --full command, or by examining the crash dump created in the /var/spool/abrt directory), copied to the server system, unpacked on the server system and can be seen and acted upon using abrt-cli or abrt-gui on the server system.