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28.4.8. Uploading and Reporting Using a Proxy Server

The reporter-bugzilla and the reporter-upload tools respect the http_proxy and the ftp_proxy environment variables. When you use environment variables as a part of a reporting event, they inherit their values from the process which performs reporting, usually abrt-gui or abrt-cli. Therefore, you can specify HTTP or FTP proxy servers by using these variables in your working environment.
If you arrange these tools to be a part of the post-create event, they will run as children of the abrtd process. You should either adjust the environment of abrtd or modify the rules to set these variables. For example:
EVENT=post-create analyzer=Python
        test -f component || abrt-action-save-package-data
        export http_proxy=http://proxy.server:8888/
        reporter-bugzilla -c /etc/abrt/plugins/bugzilla.conf