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28.4.7. Configuring Automatic Reporting for Specific Types of Crashes

ABRT can be configured to report any detected issues or crashes automatically without any user interaction. This can be achieved by specifying an analyze-and-report rule as a post-create rule. For example, you can instruct ABRT to report Python crashes to Bugzilla immediately without any user interaction by enabling the rule and replacing the EVENT=report_Bugzilla condition with the EVENT=post-create condition in the /etc/libreport/events.d/python_event.conf file. The new rule will look like the follows:
EVENT=post-create analyzer=Python
        test -f component || abrt-action-save-package-data
        reporter-bugzilla -c /etc/abrt/plugins/bugzilla.conf


Please note that the post-create event is run by abrtd, which usually runs with root privileges.