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28.3.2. Reporting Problems

To report a certain problem, use the command:
 abrt-cli report directory 
...where directory stands for the problem data directory of the problem that is being reported. For example:
~]$ abrt-cli report /var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2011-09-13-10:18:14-2895
How you would like to analyze the problem?
1) Collect .xsession-errors
2) Local GNU Debugger
Select analyzer: _
ABRT prompts you to select an analyzer event for the problem that is being reported. After selecting an event, the problem is analyzed. This can take a considerable amount of time. When the problem report is ready, abrt-cli opens a text editor with the content of the report. You can see what is being reported, and you can fill in instructions on how to reproduce the crash and other comments. You should also check the backtrace, because the backtrace might be sent to a public server and viewed by anyone, depending on the problem reporter event settings.


You can choose which text editor is used to check the reports. abrt-cli uses the editor defined in the ABRT_EDITOR environment variable. If the variable is not defined, it checks the VISUAL and EDITOR variables. If none of these variables is set, vi is used. You can set the preferred editor in your .bashrc configuration file. For example, if you prefer GNU Emacs, add the following line to the file:
export VISUAL=emacs
When you are done with the report, save your changes and close the editor. You will be asked which of the configured ABRT reporter events you want to use to send the report.
How would you like to report the problem?
1) Logger
2) Red Hat Customer Support
Select reporter(s): _
After selecting a reporting method, you can proceed with reviewing data to be sent with the report. The following table shows options available with the abrt-cli report command.

Table 28.4. The abrt-cli report command options

Option Description
With no additional option, the abrt-cli report command provides the usual output.
-v, --verbose abrt-cli report provides additional information on its actions.