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28.5.2. Configuration Steps Required on a Client System

Complete the following steps on every client system which will use the central management method:
  1. If you do not want to generate a backtrace, or if you decided to generate it on a server system, you need to delete or comment out the corresponding rules in the /etc/libreport/events.d/ccpp_events.conf file. See Section 28.5.1, “Configuration Steps Required on a Dedicated System” for an example of such a example.
  2. If you decided to not collect package information on client machines, delete, comment out or modify the rule which runs abrt-action-save-package-data in the /etc/libreport/events.d/abrt_event.conf file. See Section 28.5.3, “Saving Package Information” to find out whether you need to collect package information in your centralized crash collection configuration and how to configure it properly.
  3. Add a rule for uploading problem reports to the server system in the corresponding configuration file. For example, if you want to upload all problems automatically as soon as they are detected, you can use the following rule in the /etc/libreport/events.d/abrt_event.conf configuration file:
            reporter-upload -u scp://
    Alternatively, you can use a similar rule that runs the reporter-upload program as the report_SFX event if you want to store problem data locally on clients and upload it later using ABRT GUI/CLI. The following is an example of such an event:
            reporter-upload -u scp://