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15.2. Sharing an Existing Desktop

By default a logged in user has a desktop provided by X Server on display 0. A user can share their desktop using the TigerVNC server x0vncserver.

Procedure 15.5. Sharing an X Desktop

To share the desktop of a logged in user, using the x0vncserver, proceed as follows:
  1. Enter the following command as root
    ~]# yum install tigervnc-server
  2. Set the VNC password for the user:
    ~]$ vncpasswd
  3. Enter the following command as that user:
    ~]$ x0vncserver -PasswordFile=.vnc/passwd -AlwaysShared=1
Provided the firewall is configured to allow connections to port 5900, the remote viewer can now connect to display 0, and view the logged in users desktop. See Section, “Configuring the Firewall for VNC” for information on how to configure the firewall.