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33.3. Emergency Mode

Emergency mode, provides the minimal bootable environment and allows you to repair your system even in situations when rescue mode is unavailable. In emergency mode, the system mounts only the root file system, and it is mounted as read-only. Also, the system does not activate any network interfaces and only a minimum of the essential services are set up. The system does not load any init scripts, therefore you can still mount file systems to recover data that would be lost during a re-installation if init is corrupted or not working.
To boot into emergency mode follow this procedure:

Procedure 33.3. Booting into Emergency Mode

  1. At the GRUB boot screen, press any key to enter the GRUB interactive menu.
  2. Select Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the version of the kernel that you want to boot and press the a to append the line.
  3. Type emergency as a separate word at the end of the line and press Enter to exit GRUB edit mode.