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10.2.3. Connecting to a Network Automatically

For any connection type you add or configure, you can choose whether you want NetworkManager to try to connect to that network automatically when it is available.

Procedure 10.1. Configuring NetworkManager to Connect to a Network Automatically When Detected

  1. Right-click on the NetworkManager applet icon in the Notification Area and click Edit Connections. The Network Connections window appears.
  2. Click the arrow head if necessary to reveal the list of connections.
  3. Select the specific connection that you want to configure and click Edit.
  4. Check Connect automatically to cause NetworkManager to auto-connect to the connection whenever NetworkManager detects that it is available. Uncheck the check box if you do not want NetworkManager to connect automatically. If the box is unchecked, you will have to select that connection manually in the NetworkManager applet's left-click menu to cause it to connect.