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21.3.3. Adding a Local Printer

Follow this procedure to add a local printer connected with other than a serial port:
  1. Open the New Printer dialog (see Section 21.3.2, “Starting Printer Setup”).
  2. If the device does not appear automatically, select the port to which the printer is connected in the list on the left (such as Serial Port #1 or LPT #1).
  3. On the right, enter the connection properties:
    for Other
    URI (for example file:/dev/lp0)
    for Serial Port
    Baud Rate
    Data Bits
    Flow Control
    Adding a local printer

    Figure 21.4. Adding a local printer

  4. Click Forward.
  5. Select the printer model. See Section 21.3.8, “Selecting the Printer Model and Finishing” for details.