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29.5.3. Getting more detailed output on the modules

OProfile collects data on a system-wide basis for kernel- and user-space code running on the machine. However, once a module is loaded into the kernel, the information about the origin of the kernel module is lost. The module could have come from the initrd file on boot up, the directory with the various kernel modules, or a locally created kernel module. As a result, when OProfile records sample for a module, it just lists the samples for the modules for an executable in the root directory, but this is unlikely to be the place with the actual code for the module. You will need to take some steps to make sure that analysis tools get the executable.
To get a more detailed view of the actions of the module, you will need to either have the module "unstripped" (that is installed from a custom build) or have the debuginfo package installed for the kernel.
Find out which kernel is running with the uname -a command, obtain the appropriate debuginfo package and install it on the machine.
Then proceed with clearing out the samples from previous runs with the following command:
~]# opcontrol --reset
To start the monitoring process, for example, on a machine with Westmere processor, run the following command:
~]# opcontrol --setup --vmlinux=/usr/lib/debug/lib/modules/`uname -r`/vmlinux --event=CPU_CLK_UNHALTED:500000
Then the detailed information, for instance, for the ext4 module can be obtained with:
~]# opreport /ext4 -l --image-path /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel
CPU: Intel Westmere microarchitecture, speed 2.667e+06 MHz (estimated)
Counted CPU_CLK_UNHALTED events (Clock cycles when not halted) with a unit mask of 0x00 (No unit mask) count 500000
warning: could not check that the binary file /lib/modules/2.6.32-191.el6.x86_64/kernel/fs/ext4/ext4.ko has not been modified since the profile was taken. Results may be inaccurate.
samples  %        symbol name
1622      9.8381  ext4_iget
1591      9.6500  ext4_find_entry
1231      7.4665  __ext4_get_inode_loc
783       4.7492  ext4_ext_get_blocks
752       4.5612  ext4_check_dir_entry
644       3.9061  ext4_mark_iloc_dirty
583       3.5361  ext4_get_blocks
583       3.5361  ext4_xattr_get
479       2.9053  ext4_htree_store_dirent
469       2.8447  ext4_get_group_desc
414       2.5111  ext4_dx_find_entry