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32.3.5. Displaying Virtual Memory Information

To display basic virtual memory information, type the vm command at the interactive prompt. You can use vm pid to display information on the selected process.

Example 32.6. Displaying virtual memory information of the current context

crash> vm
PID: 5591   TASK: f196d560  CPU: 2   COMMAND: "bash"
   MM       PGD      RSS    TOTAL_VM
f19b5900  ef9c6000  1648k    5084k
  VMA       START      END    FLAGS  FILE
f1bb0310    242000    260000 8000875  /lib/
f26af0b8    260000    261000 8100871  /lib/
efbc275c    261000    262000 8100873  /lib/
efbc2a18    268000    3ed000 8000075  /lib/
efbc23d8    3ed000    3ee000 8000070  /lib/
efbc2888    3ee000    3f0000 8100071  /lib/
efbc2cd4    3f0000    3f1000 8100073  /lib/
efbc243c    3f1000    3f4000 100073
efbc28ec    3f6000    3f9000 8000075  /lib/
efbc2568    3f9000    3fa000 8100071  /lib/
efbc2f2c    3fa000    3fb000 8100073  /lib/
f26af888    7e6000    7fc000 8000075  /lib/
f26aff2c    7fc000    7ff000 8100073  /lib/
efbc211c    d83000    d8f000 8000075  /lib/
efbc2504    d8f000    d90000 8100071  /lib/
efbc2950    d90000    d91000 8100073  /lib/
f26afe00    edc000    edd000 4040075
f1bb0a18   8047000   8118000 8001875  /bin/bash
f1bb01e4   8118000   811d000 8101873  /bin/bash
f1bb0c70   811d000   8122000 100073
f26afae0   9fd9000   9ffa000 100073
... several lines omitted ...
Type help vm for more information on the command usage.