21.2.3. Additional Resources

For more information about vsftpd configuration, see the following resources. Installed Documentation

  • The /usr/share/doc/vsftpd-version-number/ directory — The TUNING file contains basic performance-tuning tips and the SECURITY/ directory contains information about the security model employed by vsftpd.
  • vsftpd-related man pages — There are a number of man pages for the daemon and the configuration files. The following lists some of the more important man pages.
    Server Applications
    • vsftpd(8) — Describes available command-line options for vsftpd.
    Configuration Files
    • vsftpd.conf(5) — Contains a detailed list of options available within the configuration file for vsftpd.
    • hosts_access(5) — Describes the format and options available within the TCP wrappers configuration files: hosts.allow and hosts.deny.
    Interaction with SELinux
    • man ftpd_selinux — Contains a description of the SELinux policy governing ftpd processes as well as an explanation of the way SELinux labels need to be assigned and Booleans set.