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25.7.2. Exporting Messages to a Database

Processing of log data can be faster and more convenient when performed in a database rather than with text files. Based on the type of DBMS used, choose from various output modules such as ommysql, ompgsql, omoracle, or ommongodb. As an alternative, use the generic omlibdbi output module that relies on the libdbi library. The omlibdbi module supports database systems Firebird/Interbase, MS SQL, Sybase, SQLite, Ingres, Oracle, mSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Example 25.16. Exporting Rsyslog Messages to a Database

To store the rsyslog messages in a MySQL database, add the following into /etc/rsyslog.conf:
$ModLoad ommysql

$ActionOmmysqlServerPort 1234
*.* :ommysql:database-server,database-name,database-userid,database-password
First, the output module is loaded, then the communication port is specified. Additional information, such as name of the server and the database, and authentication data, is specified on the last line of the above example.