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15.3. Using a VNC Viewer

A VNC viewer is a program which shows the graphical user interface created by the VNC server and can control the VNC server remotely. The desktop that is shared is not by default the same as the desktop that is displayed to a user directly logged into the system. The VNC server creates a unique desktop for every display number. Any number of clients can connect to a VNC server.

15.3.1. Installing the VNC Viewer

To install the TigerVNC client, vncviewer, as root, run the following command:
~]# yum install tigervnc
The TigerVNC client has a graphical user interface (GUI) which can be started by entering the command vncviewer. Alternatively, you can operate vncviewer through the command-line interface (CLI). To view a list of parameters for vncviewer enter vncviewer -h on the command line.