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31.9. Additional Resources

For more information on kernel modules and their utilities, see the following resources.

Installed Documentation

  • lsmod(8) — The manual page for the lsmod command.
  • modinfo(8) — The manual page for the modinfo command.
  • modprobe(8)> — The manual page for the modprobe command.
  • rmmod(8) — The manual page for the rmmod command.
  • ethtool(8) — The manual page for the ethtool command.
  • mii-tool(8) — The manual page for the mii-tool command.

Installable Documentation

  • /usr/share/doc/kernel-doc-<kernel_version>/Documentation/ — This directory, which is provided by the kernel-doc package, contains information on the kernel, kernel modules, and their respective parameters. Before accessing the kernel documentation, you must run the following command as root:
    ~]# yum install kernel-doc

Online Documentation