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11.2.2. Specific ifcfg Options for Linux on System z

SUBCHANNELS=<read_device_bus_id>, <write_device_bus_id>, <data_device_bus_id>
where <read_device_bus_id>, <write_device_bus_id>, and <data_device_bus_id> are the three device bus IDs representing a network device.
where myname is the Open Systems Adapter (OSA) portname or LAN Channel Station (LCS) portnumber.
where answer is one of the following:
  • 0 — Compatibility mode, TCP/IP for Virtual Machines (used with non-Linux peers other than IBM S/390 and IBM System z operating systems). This is the default mode.
  • 1 — Extended mode, used for Linux-to-Linux Peers.
  • 3 — Compatibility mode for S/390 and IBM System z operating systems.
This directive is used in conjunction with the NETTYPE directive. It specifies the CTC protocol for NETTYPE='ctc'. The default is 0.
where 'answer' is a quoted string of any valid sysfs attributes and their value. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux installer currently uses this to configure the layer mode, (layer2), and the relative port number, (portno), of QETH devices. For example:
OPTIONS='layer2=1 portno=0'