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13.2.26. Creating Local System Users

There can be times when it is useful to seed users into the SSSD database rather than waiting for users to login and be added.


Adding user accounts manually requires the sssd-tools package to be installed.
When creating new system users, it is possible to create a user within the SSSD local identity provider domain. This can be useful for creating new system users, for troubleshooting SSSD configuration, or for creating specialized or nested groups.
New users can be added using the sss_useradd command.
At its most basic, the sss_useradd command only requires the new user name.
~]# sss_useradd jsmith
There are other options (listed in the sss_useradd(8) man page) which can be used to set attributes on the account, like the UID and GID, the home directory, or groups which the user belongs to.
~]# sss_useradd --UID 501 --home /home/jsmith --groups admin,dev-group jsmith