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8.4.4. Changing Default pacemaker_remote Options

If you need to change the default port or authkey location for either Pacemaker or pacemaker_remote, there are environment variables you can set that affect both of those daemons. These environment variables can be enabled by placing them in the /etc/sysconfig/pacemaker file as follows.
#==#==# Pacemaker Remote
# Use a custom directory for finding the authkey.
# Specify a custom port for Pacemaker Remote connections
Note that when you change the default key location on a particular node (cluster node, guest node or remote node), it is sufficient to set PCMK_authkey_location on that node (and put the key in that location). It is not necessary that the location be the same on every node, although doing so makes administration easier.
When changing the default port used by a particular guest node or remote node, the PCMK_remote_port variable must be set in that node's /etc/sysconfig/pacemaker file, and the cluster resource creating the guest node or remote node connection must also be configured with the same port number (using the remote-port metadata option for guest nodes, or the port option for remote nodes).