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8.4.2. Guest Node Resource Options

When configuring a virtual machine or LXC resource to act as a guest node, you create a VirtualDomain resource, which manages the virtual machine. For descriptions of the options you can set for a VirtualDomain resource, use the following command.
# pcs resource describe VirtualDomain
In addition to the VirtualDomain resource options, you can configure metadata options to both enable the resource as a guest node and define the connection parameters. Table 8.4, “Metadata Options for Configuring KVM/LXC Resources as Remote Nodes” describes these metadata options.

Table 8.4. Metadata Options for Configuring KVM/LXC Resources as Remote Nodes

The name of the guest node this resource defines. This both enables the resource as a guest node and defines the unique name used to identify the guest node. WARNING: This value cannot overlap with any resource or node IDs.
Configures a custom port to use for the guest connection to pacemaker_remote.
remote-node value used as host name
The IP address or host name to connect to if remote node’s name is not the host name of the guest
Amount of time before a pending guest connection will time out