Chapter 12. Servers and Services

httpd no longer fails to start if there is a comment in the Allow directive

Comments had been disallowed at the end of the Allow directive in the Apache mod_authz_host module. Consequently, the httpd daemon failed to start with a syntax error if such a comment was included. With this update, it is possible to insert comments starting with the # (hash) sign, where # is interpreted as an end of line, in Allow or Deny directives. (BZ#1349546)

db_verify no longer causes db4 to run out of free mutexes

Previously, the db4 database did not correctly release all unused mutexes. When running the db_verify command on db4 database files multiple times, db4 quickly ran out of resources for mutex operations. Consequently, db4 exited with the error message:
Unable to allocate memory for mutex; resize mutex region
leaving the database in an inconsistent state. This bug has been fixed, db4 now correctly releases mutexes, and the described problem no longer occurs. (BZ#1272680)

The OpenPegasus CIM server is no longer automatically enabled

Previously, the OpenPegasus Common Information Model (CIM) server started automatically after installing the tog-pegasus package and rebooting the machine. Because OpenPegasus generates a self-signed SSL certificate, the automatic start caused OpenPegasus to fail certain security tests. This update modifies the OpenPegasus init script, so that the OpenPegasus CIM server has to be explicitly started by the user after tog-pegasus is installed. (BZ#1277655)

PAM authentication with openwsman now works correctly

Previously, the openwsman Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) configuration file contained non-existing PAM modules. As a consequence, openwsman PAM authentication in some cases failed. The configuration file has been modified to contain only existing and correct PAM modules. As a result, openwsman PAM authentication now works more reliably. (BZ#1152654)

The SFCB server now verifies that a WBEM port is available before attempting to use it

The Small Footprint Common Information Model (CIM) Broker (SFCB) uses the same Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM) port as the OpenPegasus CIM server and other programs. Previously, if the SFCB server was started when the WBEM port was already used by another program, the SFCB server terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault. With this update, the SFCB server verifies upon the start whether the desired WBEM port is free to use and proceeds only if the port is free. If the WBEM port is not free, the SFCB server finishes gracefully and logs the reason for its termination. (BZ#907204)

dstat utility now displays data correctly when used with GPFS

Prior to this update, the dstat utility displayed no data when the --gpfs-ops option was used. This bug has been fixed, and dstat now displays data correctly when used with General Parallel File System (GPFS). (BZ#989779)

Evince now displays PostScript files again

Due to a bug, the evince document viewer failed to display content of PostScript files. A patch has been applied and evince now displays PostSrcipt files again. (BZ#1410260)

The lwresd service no longer fails to reconnect to forwarders

Previously, when the resolver-query-timeout parameter in the /etc/lwresd.conf file was set too low, the lwresd service stopped querying unavailable DNS forwarder servers after a certain amount of time. If one or more unavailable DNS servers came online, it was possible that lwresd never used a forwarder that was online. To fix the problem, the service now uses a default minimum value of 10 seconds, if the resolver-query-timeout parameter is set too low. As a result, all forwarders are queried until one of them responds. (BZ#1325081)