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Chapter 7. File Systems

The autofs package now contains the README.autofs-schema file and an updated schema

The samples/autofs.schema distribution file was out of date and incorrect. As a consequence, it is possible that somebody is using an incorrect LDAP schema. However, a change of the schema in use cannot be enforced. With this update:
  • The README.autofs-schema file has been added to describe the problem and recommend which schema to use, if possible.
  • The schema included in the autofs package has been updated to samples/ (BZ#703846)

A stale dentry object is no longer left in the dentry cache after a rename operation

On an NFS file system, a stale dentry object was left in the dentry cache after a rename operation that replaced an existing object. As a consequence, if either the old or the new name contained 32 characters or more, the entry with the old name appeared accessible. The underlying source code has been modified to unhash the stale dentry. As a result, a rename operation no longer causes a stale dentry object to occur. (BZ#1080701)

autofs mounts no longer enter an infinite loop after reaching a shutdown state

If an autofs mount reached a shutdown state, and a mount request arrived and was processed before the mount-handling thread read the shutdown notification, the mount-handling thread exited without cleaning up the autofs mount. As a consequence, the main program never reached its exit condition and entered an infinite loop, as the autofs-managed mount was left mounted. To fix this bug, the exit condition check now takes place after each request is processed, and cleanup operations are now performed if an autofs mount has reached its shutdown state. As a result, the autofs daemon now exits as expected at shutdown. (BZ#1277033)

automount no longer needs to be restarted to access maps stored on the NIS server

Previously, the autofs utility did not wait for the NIS client service when starting. As a consequence, if the network map source was not available at program start, the master map could not be read, and the automount service had to be restarted to access maps stored on the NIS server. With this update, autofs waits until the master map is available to obtain a startup map. As a result, automount can access the map from the NIS domain, and autofs no longer needs to be restarted on every boot.
If the NIS maps are still not available after the configured wait time, the autofs configuration master_wait option might need to be increased. In the majority of cases, the wait time used by the package is sufficient. (BZ#1350786)

Setting the retry timeout can now prevent autofs from starting without mounts from SSSD

When starting the autofs utility, the sss map source was previously sometimes not ready to provide map information, but sss did not return an appropriate error to distinguish between a map does not exist and a not available condition. As a consequence, automounting did not work correctly, and autofs started without mounts from SSSD. To fix this bug, autofs retries asking SSSD for the master map when the map does not exist error occurs for a configurable amount of time. Now, you can set the retry timeout to a suitable value so that the master map is read and autofs starts as expected. (BZ#1384404)