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Chapter 24. Servers and Services

Printing a PDF file upside down with cups is currently impossible

In the CUPS printing system, the -o orientation-requested=6 option in the lp -d [printer] -o orientation-requested=6 [filename] command, which is expected to rotate the printed page by 180°, does not work. (BZ#1099617)

Printing PDF files using the fit-to-page and fitplot options does not work on printers with hardware margins

In the CUPS printing system, the lp -d printer-with-hwmargins -o fit-to-page and lp -d printer-with-hwmargins -o fitplot commands use the -o fit-to-page and -o fitplot options which resize the document to be printed so that it fits the paper size. The options do not work for printing PDF files on printers with hardware margins. (BZ#1268131)

DHCP client sends unicast requests through the incorrect interface

DHCP client does not support multiple interfaces on the same subnet and it is not able to ensure that unicast requests go through the right interface. Consequently, DHCP client fails to renew a lease, and network configuration stops working. There is no known workaround at this point. DHCP client cannot be used in configuration with two interfaces connected to the same subnet. (BZ#1297445)

A *.dsc file converted from a *.pdf file by the pdf2dsc script cannot be opened in Evince

It is no longer possible to convert a *.pdf (Portable Document Format) file into a *.dsc (Document Structure Convention) file with the pdf2dsc script, and open the converted *.dsc file with the Evince GNOME document viewer, located outside the Ghostscript's sandbox. It is a result of the fixed -dSAFER option, which forces Ghostscript to operate in sandbox mode. For details and a workaround, see (BZ#1411843)