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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0.2-0Thu Aug 02 2018Lenka Špačková
Temporarily removed a known issue that needs to be verified and updated (Storage).
Revision 0.1-9Fri Jul 20 2018Lenka Špačková
Fixed a known issue related to I/O requests to the block device (Storage).
Revision 0.1-8Fri Mar 16 2018Lenka Špačková
Updated a life cycle note.
Revision 0.1-7Wed Nov 29 2017Lenka Špačková
Added an OpenSSL known issue.
Revision 0.1-6Mon Sep 04 2017Lenka Špačková
Added a known issue to General Updates.
Revision 0.1-5Mon Jul 03 2017Jiří Herrmann
Added a Virtualization known issue.
Added a Kernel known issue.
Revision 0.1-2Thu Apr 27 2017Lenka Špačková
Red Hat Access Labs renamed to Red Hat Customer Portal Labs.
Revision 0.1-1Fri Mar 31 2017Lenka Špačková
Added a known issue to Virtualization.
Revision 0.1-0Tue Mar 28 2017Lenka Špačková
Added a feature and three known issues to Virtualization.
Revision 0.0-8Tue Mar 21 2017Lenka Špačková
Release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Release Notes.
Revision 0.0-4Thu Jan 05 2017Lenka Špačková
Release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Beta Release Notes.