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Chapter 11. Networking

logrotate now correctly works with wpa_supplicant

Previously, wpa_supplicant did not correctly truncate the log file when the logrotate script attempted to rotate it. This bug has been fixed and logrotate now correctly coordinates log rotation with wpa_supplicant. (BZ#908306)

Bug fixes in system-config-network

This release brings multiple bug fixes to the Network Configuration tool (system-config-network). Notable fixes include:
  • Previously, when system-config-network was used to change the system host name, the new host name was appended to the /etc/hosts file every time, even if the same host name was previously used. This could cause the /etc/hosts file to be unnecessarily cluttered. With this update, new host names are only appended if they have not been used previously.
  • A bug preventing suppression of DNS settings has been fixed and you can now suppress DNS settings by leaving the DNS field empty.
  • In some circumstances, system-config-network could display text messages in the text-based interface before the text framework was properly cleaned, resulting in the message being distorted. This bug has been fixed and text messages from this tool now display correctly. (BZ#1086282)

NetworkManager no longer brings down connections when saving a configuration file in vim

Previously, editing network connection configuration files in editors which save files by deleting and recreating them (such as vim) caused NetworkManager to bring down the edited connection if it was active at the time. This bug has been fixed and active connections can now be safely edited in any text editor. (BZ#1272617)

Bond devices not created by NetworkManager now work correctly

Previously, bond devices named bond0, which created when the bonding module was loaded and not by NetworkManager, were incorrectly configured if the network service was disabled. This bug has been fixed and bond devices now work correctly with NetworkManager. (BZ#1292502)

NetworkManager no longer ignores the DHCP-provided list of search domains

Previously, NetworkManager used the host's DNS domain suffix to configure the DNS resolver (/etc/resolv.conf), and ignored the list of search domain supplied by DHCP. This bug has been fixed and NetworkManager now correctly configures the DNS resolver using DHCP. (BZ#1202539)

NetworkManager can now distinguish between software and hardware devices with the same hadware address

Previously, NetworkManager ignored connections for software devices such as bonds and bridges if the underlying hardware devices used the same hardware address (the HWADDR key) and used the NM_CONTROLLED=no setting. This bug has been fixed and NetworkManager now works with such devices correctly. (BZ#902907)