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Chapter 9. Installation and Booting

Add-on repositories are now handled correctly when generating and reading kickstart files.

Previously, installation would stop and display an error when performing an installation from a kickstart file generated by a previous installation which used optical media, and enabled one or more add-on repositories. With this update, generated kickstart files will include commands to automatically enable add-on repositories when necessary. (BZ#1099178)

The zerombr command is now correctly added to anaconda-ks.cfg when installing using kickstart

Previously, when an installation was performed with the kickstart utility using the zerombr option, this option was not added to the generated /root/anaconda-ks.cfg kickstart file. This bug has been fixed, and zerombr is now correctly added to anaconda-ks.cfg. (BZ#1246663)

When using the network service, default routes are now correctly created on an installed system.

Previously, device-specific GATEWAY values were being included in the /etc/sysconfig/network configuration file, which applies to all devices. As a consequence, for some network configurations using the network service, default routes were not created. With this update, the GATEWAY parameter is no longer created in /etc/sysconfig/network, and default routes are now created correctly. (BZ#1181290)

The DEFROUTE option is now handled correctly when the installer generates a kickstart file.

Previously, if the DEFROUTE option was set in an ifcfg configuration file during installation, this was not reflected in the kickstart file subsequently generated by the installer. This bug has been fixed, and now the installer generates kickstart files which reflect DEFROUTE settings used during installation by setting the --nodefroute network command option accordingly. (BZ#1274686)

The kdump kernel is no longer added to /etc/zipl.conf when kernel-kdump is marked for installation

Previously, when installing kernel-kdump, an entry for the kdump kernel was added to the list of kernels in the /etc/zipl.conf configuration file. This bug is now fixed, and the kdump kernel is no longer added to the list. (BZ#1256211)