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Chapter 7. Desktop

pdftops now generates valid PostScript files

Previously, the pdftops utility of Poppler converted PDF files with embedded PostScript Type 1 fonts in the Printer Font Binary (PFB) format together with the PFB headers. As a consequence, incorrect PostScript files were produced from such conversions. Poppler has been fixed to recognize the PFB headers and exclude them from the conversion, and the described problem no longer occurs. (BZ#1232210)

Creating thumbnails with Nautilus works as expected

Prior to this update, Nautilus was restricting the stack size for the thread that was creating thumbnails, and the libraries creating those thumbnails were at some point out of memory. As a consequence, Nautilus terminated unexpectedly when creating a thumbnail of big images, specially images of the jp2 type. This bug has been fixed, and Nautilus no longer crashes when creating thumbnails. (BZ#1268970)

xfreerdp no longer crashes when connecting to a CA-signed RDP server

Previously, the xfreerdp client terminated unexpectedly when connecting to a Certification Authority (CA)-signed Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server. With this update, the pointer dereference in CA verification code that caused the crash has been fixed, and connecting to a CA-signed RDP server works as expected. (BZ#1186916)

Responsiveness fixes for gnome-vfs2 user interfaces

Previously, the gnome-vfs2 service called the stat() function for every file on the Multiversion File System (MVFS), used for example by the IBM Rational ClearCase utilities. This behavior significantly slowed down file operations. With this update, the unnecessary stat() operations have been limited. As a result, gnome-vfs2 user interfaces, such as Nautilus, are more responsive on MVFS. (BZ#917810)

gvfs correctly checks if the metadata database has been loaded

Prior to this update, the gvfs metadata daemon or client applications such as Nautilus terminated unexpectedly when uninitialized internal structures were used for corrupted or unreadable metadata databases. This update adds a missing check that verifies that the metadata database has been loaded properly. As a result, in the described circumstances, an error is returned instead of a crash occurring. (BZ#1110451)

The gvfs archive backend no longer crashes due to certain archive file paths

Mounting the gvfs archive backend previously terminated unexpectedly when used with archives that had a single dot (".") character as a component of their file path. With this update, these file path components are skipped, and in the mentioned situation, the archive backend mounts correctly. (BZ#713179)