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Chapter 17. Virtualization

Support for Hyper-V storage with 4096-byte sectors

Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests running on the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor are now able to properly handle 4096-byte sectors for Hyper-V storage when such sector size is reported by the host. This can significantly improve the I/O performance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests running on the described type of storage. (BZ#1217570)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests now support reporting kernel crashes on Hyper-V

Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests running on the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor are now able to report kernel crashes to the Hyper-V host. If such a crash occurs, the kernel panic notification data is captured in the Windows Event Viewer as a 18590 event. The event contains the relative instruction pointer (RIP) and 4 basic CPU registers. (BZ#1229904)

Hyper-V guests now support TRIM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines on Hyper-V now support performing the TRIM operation on Hyper-V virtual hard disk (VHDX) files. This prevents VHDX files on these machines from growing to excessive sizes. As a result, it is now possible to use thin-provisioned VHDX storage. (BZ#1247699)

Hyper-V guests now support Windows 10 protocol

This update introduces support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 host protocols when Red Hat Enterprise Linux is running as a guest on Microsoft Hyper-V. (BZ#1267592)

Setting the account password is now possible for any guest user

The guest-set-user-password command has been introduced for the QEMU guest agent. This allows setting the account password for any guest user, including the root, when using QEMU and KVM. (BZ#1174181)

virtio-win support for Windows 10

The virtio-win package now includes drivers for Windows 10, which allows users of virtio-win to create Windows 10 guests. (BZ#1275050)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Hyper-V Generation 2 guests fully supported

With Red Hat Enterprise 6.8, it is fully supported for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to be hosted as Generation 2 virtual machines on the 2012 R2 and later versions of the Microsoft Hyper-V Server host. In addition to the functions supported in the previous generation, Generation 2 provides new functions on a virtual machine, such as boot from a SCSI virtual hard disk, or UEFI firmware support. (BZ#1056676)

New package: WALinuxAgent

The Microsoft Azure Linux Agent (WALA) version 2.0.16 has been included in the Extras channel. This agent supports the provisioning and running of Linux Virtual Machines in the Windows Azure cloud and should be installed on Linux images that are built to run in the Windows Azure environment. (BZ#1215872)

virt-who rebased to version 0.16-7

  • virt-who queries of the Hyper-V hypervisor have been extended to include the capacity (socket counts so that the subscription applied to the hypervisor can be evaluated), name, and type to be displayed in the SMS inventory to make it easier for the user to identify the system.
  • the virt-who interval, VIRTWHO_INTERVAL=, has been extended to 1 minute to prevent from failures in communication with Subscription-Manager.
  • virt-who now supports connecting Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager (RHEV-M) and the Hyper-V hypervisor through proxy.
  • virt-who now allows filtering for hosts that are sent by virt-who to Red Hat Subscription-Manager.
  • virt-who is able to report which virtual guests of virtual machines are active on all known hypervisors. (BZ#1258765)