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Chapter 8. File Systems

XFS runtime statistics are available per file system in the /sys/fs/ directory

The existing XFS global statistics directory has been moved from the /proc/fs/xfs/ directory to the /sys/fs/xfs/ directory while maintaining compatibility with earlier versions with a symbolic link in /proc/fs/xfs/stat. New subdirectories will be created and maintained for statistics per file system in /sys/fs/xfs/, for example /sys/fs/xfs/sdb7/stats and /sys/fs/xfs/sdb8/stats. Previously, XFS runtime statistics were available only per server. Now, XFS runtime statistics are available per device. (BZ#1205640)

XFS supported file-system size has been increased

Previously, the supported file-system size for XFS was 100 TB. With this update, the supported file-system size for XFS has been increased to 300 TB. (BZ#1273090)

The use_hostname_for_mounts autofs option is now available

A new autofs option to override the use of an IP address when mounting to a host name with multiple associated addresses has been implemented. If strict Round Robin DNS is needed, the use_hostname_for_mounts option enables bypassing the usual availability and proximity check, and the host name is used in mount requests regardless of whether the requests have multiple IP addresses. (BZ#1248798)