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Chapter 7. Directory Server in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

About Directory Server for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

This section describes changes in the main server component for Red Hat Directory Server - the 389-ds-base package, which includes the LDAP server itself and command line utilities and scripts for its administration. This package is part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux base subscription channel and therefore available on all Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server systems due to Red Hat Identity Management components which depend on it.
Additional Red Hat Directory Server components, such as the Directory Server Console, are available in the rhel-x86_64-server-6-rhdirserv-9 additional subscription channel. A subscription to this channel is also required to obtain support for Red Hat Directory Server. Changes to the additional components in this channel are not described in this document.
Red Hat Directory Server version 9 is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. See for information about getting started with Directory Server 9, and for full documentation. (BZ#1333801)

Improved performance when deleting large quantities of multi-valued attributes

The API used to delete entries with large amounts of multi-valued attributes has been replaced with a significantly faster one, causing a large performance improvement in such situations. (BZ#1236148)