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Chapter 27. System and Subscription Management

Some Italian text is missing from subscription-manager

Due to some missing translations in the subscription-manager tool, when using subscription-manager in Italian, some messages will appear in English. (BZ#1318404)

ReaR supports only grub during system recovery

ReaR supports only the grub boot loader. Consequently, ReaR cannot automatically recover a system with a different boot loader. Notably, yaboot is not yet supported by ReaR on ⁠PowerPC machines. To work around this problem, edit the boot loader manually. (BZ#1313874)

ReaR works only on the eth0 interface

ReaR produces a rescue system that does not support mounting an NFS server using an interface other than eth0. Consequently, the backup files cannot be downloaded and the system cannot be restored. To work around this problem, ensure that the used interface is eth0 by restarting dhclient. (BZ#1313417)

ReaR fails to create an ISO on IBM System z

ReaR is unable to create an ISO image on IBM System z systems. To work around this problem, use a different type of rescue system than ISO. (BZ#1309597)

ReaR creates two ISO images instead of one

In ReaR, the OUTPUT_URL directive enables specifying location for the ISO image containing the rescue system. Currently, with this directive set, ReaR creates two copies of the ISO image: one in the specified directory and one in the /var/lib/rear/output/ default directory. This requires additional space for the image. This is especially important if a full-system backup is included into the ISO image (using the BACKUP=NETFS and BACKUP_URL=iso:///backup/ configuration).
To work around this behavior, delete the extra ISO image once ReaR has finished working or, to avoid having a period of time with double storage consumption, create the image in the default directory and then move it to the desired location manually.
There is a request for enhancement to change this behavior and make ReaR create only one copy of the ISO image. (BZ#1320551)