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Chapter 24. Kernel

e1000e cards might not get an IPv4 address

Some e1000e network interface cards (NICs) might fail to get an IPv4 address assigned after the system is rebooted. To work around this problem, add the following line to the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<interface> file:

System freeze when loading Intel Skylake integrated graphics cards

On systems with Intel Skylake integrated graphics cards present, the system can freeze during the initial boot process when it starts to load the video driver. This known issue is caused by a race condition in version 2.6.32 of the kernel firmware loader.
As a workaround, if using the installer CD, try installing with the basic video driver. Otherwise, add the nomodeset parameter to the kernel command line, which instructs the kernel to not load Intel Skylake integrated graphics driver and use BIOS modes instead. (BZ#1309875)

ecb fails when dracut is not upgraded

When upgrading only the kernel rpm from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 to version 6.8, it is necessary to also upgrade the dracut package to the latest version, that is dracut-004-409.el6.rpm, to enable the ecb module to work.
The ecb kernel module is needed by the drbg kernel module when using the AES implementation on non-x86 architectures. Otherwise, the drbg AES implementation fails with a warning message while other drbg modules still work. (BZ#1315832)

kernel panic in xfrm6 stack

During an overload and when Ethernet Flow Control is disabled, if IPSec policy is configured for the IPv6 protocol, sending UDP datagrams over the IPv6 protocol can lead to a kernel panic.
So far, there is no workaround or fix available. (BZ#1327680)

Intel Xeon v5 causes GPU to hang

On GT3 and GT4 architectures, Intel Xeon v5 integrated graphics can experience problems with GPU lock-up, leading to GPU hang.
As a workaround, add the i915.enable_rc6=0 option to the kernel command line to disable the RC6 power saving state on Intel Xeon v5. (BZ#1323945)