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8.251. util-linux-ng

Updated util-linux-ng packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The util-linux-ng packages contain a large variety of low-level system utilities that are necessary for a Linux operating system to function.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the behavior of the "acl" option was not correctly documented in the mount(8) manual page. The manual page now clarifies that the "acl" option is specific to the file system and not a default mount option.
The blkid(8) manual page now documents the behavior of the "-w" option correctly, mentioning that "blkid -w" always writes to the default cache file even if the output has been redirected elsewhere.
Previously, using the fdisk command on multipath mapped devices failed with a "floating point exception" error. This bug has been fixed and fdisk now successfully executes on multipath mapped devices.
The blockdev(8) manual page now clarifies the behavior of the "--setbsz" option, which sets the block size on file descriptors opening the block size.
Previously, the findmnt command did not handle correctly trailing forward slashes ("/") in the entries of the /proc/mounts file. As a consequence, findmnt sometimes failed to match the correct path. This bug has been fixed and the findmnt command now matches the correct path independently of the trailing slash.
The rename(1) manual page referred to the non-existing mmv(1) manual page. This reference has been removed.
The PERMISSIONS section of the taskset(1) manual page has been corrected to mention that a user is allowed to change the affinity of processes he owns, but a CAP_SYS_NICE flag is required to change the affinity of another user's process.
Previously, the "hwclock --systohc" command could enter an indefinite loop on busy or virtual machines. Consequently, the machine could not complete the shutdown or reboot a process. A patch with a different mechanism has been applied, and the "hwclock --systohc" command now completes successfully.
Previously, the kernel did not support unsharing for PID name spaces. With this update, a series of patches has been applied to the relevant kernel code to support the unshare() system call for PID name spaces.
Previously, when attempting to use the flock command to lock a file in NFSv4 volumes, the command failed with the following error:
[nfs4] flock nfs file fail: Bad file descriptor
This bug has been fixed and now the flock command executes successfully on NFSv4 volumes.
Previously, the kill command which is used by the ntfs service did not check the "errno" value after calling the strtol() function. As a consequence, using the "service netfs stop" command could kill every process on the system if there were more than 100 000 processes running at the same time. This bug has been fixed, and using the "service netfs stop" command only stops ntfs as expected.
In addition, this update adds the following


This update implements the lslogins(1) command which lists information about accounts on the system in a easy to read format.
This update adds the nsenter utility to the util-linux-ng packages. It allows to run commands in kernel namespaces. If the namespace does not exist, nsenter creates a new one and then executes the command.
Users of util-linux-ng are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.