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8.201. ricci

Updated ricci packages that fix several bugs and add two enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The ricci packages contain a daemon and a client for remote configuring and managing of clusters.

Bug Fixes

When starting a cluster with the "ccs --start[all]" command or stopping a cluster with the "--stop[all]" command, resources were enabled or disabled automatically. Consequently, if the user wanted a cluster service to start on startup, a cluster could not be started without enabling the service. This update adds "--nodisable" and "--noenable" flags to allow users to start a cluster without enabling or disabling the services on the node. As a result, the user can stop and start nodes on a cluster without affecting their startup services.
Previously, the user was unable to configure UID and GID entries for the corosync utility in the cluster.conf file. As a consequence, the user could not configure access to corosync with the User Manager GUI. With this update, "--setuidgid" and "--rmuidgid" options have been added to the ccs utility, which can configure UID and GID entries.
Prior to this update, the ccs utility did not properly dispose of temporary files created when editing the cluster.conf file locally with the "-f" option. Consequently, a large number of temporary files could be left in the temporary directory. With this update, ccs properly removes temporary files it creates, and the file system temporary directory no longer fills up with a large number of files if multiple ccs commands using the "-f" option are executed.
Due to a bug in the design of the reboot_now.xml file and persisting state of the task batch, the ricci daemon could cause an unintentional reboot loop and unnecessary clutter in the directory with batches. This update fixes the task scheduling before reboot and addresses the problem with stale files. As a result, ricci no longer causes reboot loops and no longer leaves stale files from finished batch processing behind needlessly.
In addition, this update adds the following


The cluster schema in the ricci packages, used by the ccs utility for offline validation, has been updated. This update includes new options in resource and fence agents packages, and in the rgmanager utility and fenced cluster daemons.
As users use CCS on the local node most frequently, the "ccs -h localhost [command]" command has been shortened to "ccs [command]".
Users of ricci are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.