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7.19. RHEA-2014:1471 — new package: scap-security-guide

A new scap-security-guide package is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The scap-security-guide package provides a SCAP Security Guide (SSG) project's guide for configuration of the system from the final system's security point of view. The guidance is specified in the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) format and constitutes a catalog of practical hardening advice, linked to government requirements where applicable. The project bridges the gap between generalized policy requirements and specific implementation guidelines.
The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 system administrator can use the oscap command-line tool from the openscap-utils package to verify that the system conforms to the provided guideline. For further information. see the scap-security-guide(8) manual page.
This enhancement update adds the scap-security-guide package to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. (BZ#1066390)
All users who require scap-security-guide are advised to install this new package.