7.16. RHEA-2014:1456 — new packages: mod_authnz_pam, mod_intercept_form_submit, mod_lookup_identity

New authentication and identity modules for Apache HTTP server are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The mod_authnz_pam, mod_intercept_form_submit, and mod_lookup_identity are a set of Apache HTTP server modules to support authentication and identity functions for web applications.
The mod_authnz_pam Apache module serves as a PAM authorization module, supplementing authentication done by other modules, for example mod_auth_kerb. It can also be used as a full Basic Authentication provider for testing purposes, running the login and password authentication through the PAM stack.
The mod_intercept_form_submit Apache module intercepts application's login form submission and runs the PAM authentication.
The mod_lookup_identity Apache module retrieves additional information about the authenticated user.
This enhancement update adds the mod_authnz_pam, mod_intercept_form_submit, mod_lookup_identity packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. (BZ#1075121, BZ#1075122, BZ#1080478)
All users who require the new authentication and identity modules for Apache HTTP server are advised to install these new packages.