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7.7. RHEA-2014:1439 — new package: hyperv-daemons

New hyperv-daemons packages are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The hyperv-daemons packages provide a suite of daemons that are needed when a Linux guest is running on a Windows Host with HyperV. The following daemons are included: - hypervkvpd, the guest Hyper-V Key-Value Pair (KVP) daemon. - hypervvssd, the implementation of HyperV VSS functionality for Linux guest. - hypervfcopyd, the implementation of file copy service functionality for Linux Guest running on HyperV.
This enhancement update adds the hyperv-daemons packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. (BZ#977631, BZ#1107559)
All users who require hyperv-daemons are advised to install these new packages. After installing the packages, rebooting all guest machines is recommended, otherwise the Microsoft Windows server with Hyper-V will not be able to get information from these guest machines. For more information about inclusion of, and guest installation support for, Microsoft Hyper-V drivers, refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Release Notes.