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8.199. rgmanager

Updated rgmanager packages that fix several bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The rgmanager packages contain the Red Hat Resource Group Manager, which is used to create and manage high-availability server applications in the event of system downtime.

Bug Fixes

When moving services around a cluster, it was not possible to refer to virtual machines without the "vm:" prefix. With this update, the virtual machines can be controlled both with and without the "vm:" prefix.
When a custom resource agent was configured without the primary attribute, the rgmanager utility terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault. The underlying source code has been modified to address this bug, and an error is logged instead of the crash of rgmanager in the described scenario.
Previously, the rg_test utility did not handle exit codes correctly; when rg_test failed, the zero exit code was returned instead of a non-zero exit code. This update applies a patch to fix this bug and if rg_test crashes, the zero exit code is returned as expected.
When the "time_t" values were not configured correctly in the cluster.conf file, the rgmanager could terminate unexpectedly. This update provides a patch to fix this bug, and rgmanager now properly handles the incorrectly configured values.
When more instances were configured for a resource address than were specified with the "maxinstances" attribute, no message was logged. With this update, a warning is returned in such a case.
In addition, this update adds the following


When a resource start or status operation failed to execute due to resource starvation on the node, the user had to reboot the node manually. With this enhancement, a new reboot_on_pid_exhaustion flag has been added. The flag allows to set up rgmanager to reboot the node automatically in the described scenario.
Users of rgmanager are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.