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8.155. opencryptoki

Updated opencryptoki packages that fix two bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The opencryptoki packages contain version 2.11 of the PKCS#11 API, implemented for IBM Cryptocards, such as IBM 4764 and 4765 crypto cards. This package includes support for the IBM 4758 Cryptographic CoProcessor (with the PKCS#11 firmware loaded), the IBM eServer Cryptographic Accelerator (FC 4960 on IBM eServer System p), the IBM Crypto Express2 (FC 0863 or FC 0870 on IBM System z), and the IBM CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (FC 3863 on IBM System z). The opencryptoki package also brings a software token implementation that can be used without any cryptographic hardware. This package contains the Slot Daemon (pkcsslotd) and general utilities.

Bug Fixes

Previously, on the IBM System z architecture, the opencryptoki Common Cryptographic Architecture (CCA) token was sending incorrect information to the CKA_ECDSA_PARAMS attribute when generating an EC key pair. As a consequence, opencryptoki failed to verify the public key. This bug has been fixed and the CCA token now sends the correct information to CKA_ECDSA_PARAMS, and public keys are verified successfully.
Prior to this update, the IBM Crypto Accelerator (ICA) token did not handle the chunk size or tail calculation correctly in case of zero message sizes. As a consequence, an overflow occurred leading to a general protection fault (GPF). The underlying source code has been fixed, and GPFs no longer occur.
Users of opencryptoki are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.