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8.116. libproxy

Updated libproxy packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The libproxy library handles all the details of proxy configuration. It provides a stable external API, dynamic adjustment to changing network topology, small core footprint, without external dependencies within libproxy core (though libproxy plug-ins may have dependencies).

Bug Fixes

Previously, the libproxy utility attempted to locate the /etc/proxy.conf file from the current working directory. Consequently, the configuration file was not always found. This bug has been fixed and libproxy now locates /etc/proxy.conf as expected.
A flaw was found in the way libproxy handled the downloading of proxy auto-configuration (PAC) files. Consequently, programs using libproxy terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault when processing PAC files that contained syntax errors. With this update, the handling of PAC files has been fixed in libproxy, thus preventing the segmentation fault.
Due to a bug in the libproxy packages, the "reporter-upload" command used by Automatic Bug Reporting Tool terminated unexpectedly if given an "scp" URL that did not contain a password. This bug has been fixed, and reporter-upload no longer crashes in the aforementioned scenario.
Users of libproxy are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.