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8.80. gvfs

Updated gvfs packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
GVFS is the GNOME desktop's virtual file system layer, which allows users to easily access local and remote data, including through the FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, CIFS, and SMB protocols, among others. GVFS integrates with the GIO (GNOME I/O) abstraction layer.

Bug Fixes

Previously, when several clients using the same home directory located on remote NFS (Network File System) modified the gvfs-metadata database files, a conflict could occur. In addition, GVFS produced heavy traffic on the remote NFS server. With this update, countermeasures for possible conflicts have been put in place and metadata journal files have been relocated to a temporary directory, and GVFS no longer produces heavy traffic on the NFS mount.
Prior to this update, GVFS did not pass a mount prefix into the rename operation. Consequently, it was not possible to rename files on the WebDAV shares if mount prefix was specified, and the following message was displayed when attempting to do so:
The item could not be renamed. Sorry, could not rename "dir1" to "dir2": Thespecified location is not mounted
This bug has been fixed and the mount prefix is now passed into the rename operation as expected. As a result, the rename operation works correctly on the WebDAV shares.
When the GDesktopAppInfoLookup extension processed a URL scheme that contained invalid characters, for example from Thunderbird messages, a request for URL handlers was unsuccessful. Consequently, an error dialog notifying about the invalid character was shown. With this update, GDesktopAppInfoLookup has been modified to check the URL scheme for invalid characters before it is used. As a result, the aforementioned error no longer occurs.
A previous GLib2 rebase
Previously, GVFS used the select() function to communicate with the OpenSSH utility. Due to changes introduced with the OpenSSH update, select() could return incomplete results. Consequently, mounting of SFTP locations failed with the following message:
Error mounting location: Error reading from unix: Input/output error
GVFS has been updated to use the poll() function instead of select(), thus fixing this bug.
A previous GLib2 rebase
caused a namespace conflict between GVFS and GIO. As a consequence, GVFS failed to build. To fix this bug, affected modules have been renamed, and the building process of GVFS now succeeds. (BZ#1071374)
marked the GDesktopAppInfo class as deprecated. Consequently, GVFS failed to compile. With this update, GdesktopAppInfo is not regarded as deprecated in this specific scenario. As a result, GVFS compiles as expected. (BZ#1118704)
Users of gvfs are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.