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8.37. createrepo

An updated createrepo package that fixes three bugs and adds two enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The createrepo package contains a set of utilities used to generate and maintain a common metadata repository from a directory of rpm packages.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the createrepo utility did not test file locking correctly. As a consequence, createrepo terminated unexpectedly with a traceback when it was executed in a directory located on a Common Internet File System (CIFS) share provided by a NetApp storage appliance. The test for file locking has been corrected and createrepo now works as expected in the described situation.
Prior to this update, if the createrepo utility was executed with the "-i" or "--pkglist" options and the specified file name did not exist, createrepo terminated unexpectedly with a traceback. The createrepo utility has been modified to handle this error condition properly, and it now exits gracefully in this situation.
Prior to this update, the createrepo packages had descriptions which did not indicate that the maintenance utilities were present in the package. This update corrects this omission.
In addition, this update adds the following


This update introduces support for the following new options to the modifyrepo utility: "--checksum", used to specify the checksum type; "--unique-md-filenames", used to include the file's checksum in the file name; and "--simple-md-filenames", used to not include the file's checksum in the file name. The "--unique-md-filenames" option is a default option for this utility.
Previously, certain options were not described in the modifyrepo(1) and mergerepo(1) man pages. These man pages now document the following modifyrepo utility command line options: "--mdtype", "--remove", "--compress", "--no-compress", "--compress-type", "--checksum", "--unique-md-filenames", "--simple-md-filenames", "--version", and "--help". These man pages also now document the following mergerepo utility command line options: "--no-database", "--compress-type", "--version", and "--help".
Users of createrepo are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs and adds this enhancement.