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8.11. amtu

Updated amtu package that fixes three bugs is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The Abstract Machine Test Utility (AMTU) is an administrative utility to verify that the underlying protection mechanisms of the system hardware are being enforced correctly.

Bug Fixes

Previously, Abstract Machine Test Utility (AMTU) did not handle the name of the interface correctly under certain circumstances. As a consequence, AMTU failed to obtain a list of network interfaces to test. With this update, the interface hardware type and carriers are obtained from the /sys/class/net/ directory. Now, only an Ethernet and a token ring can be used, and a carrier must be present. As a result, AMTU handles the new network interface names as expected.
Prior to this update, AMTU ran network tests on interfaces configured with a static IP that did not have an existing connection, causing those tests to fail. With this update, AMTU no longer runs tests on interfaces that are not up.
Previously, the name of the network interface was restricted to 4 characters on 32-bit systems and 8 characters on 64-bit system due to using the sizeof() operator instead of the strlen() function. As a consequence, AMTU did not correctly display the full network interface name in certain portions of the output. A patch has been applied to address this bug, and AMTU now always displays the full network interface name as expected.
Users of amtu are advised to upgrade to the updated package, which fixes these bugs.