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Chapter 8. Hardware Enablement

Support of Future Intel SOC Processors

Device support is enabled in the operating system for future Intel System-on-Chip (SOC) processors. These include Dual Atom processors, memory controller, SATA, Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, System Management Bus (SMBUS), USB and Intel Legacy Block (ILB - lpc, timers, SMBUS (i2c_801 module)).

Support of 12Gbps LSI SAS Devices

The mpt3sas driver adds support for 12Gbps SAS devices from LSI in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Support of Dynamic Hardware Partitioning and System Board Slot Recognition

The dynamic hardware partitioning and system board slot recognition features alert high-level system middleware or applications for reconfiguration and allow users to grow the system to support additional workloads without reboot.

Support for future Intel 2D and 3D Graphics

Support for future Intel 2D and 3D graphics has been added to allow systems using future Intel processors to be certified through the Red Hat Hardware Certification program.

Frequency Sensitivity Feedback Monitor

Frequency sensitivity feedback monitor provides the operating system with better information so that it can make better frequency change decisions while saving power.

ECC Memory Support

The Error-correcting code (ECC) memory has been enabled for a future generation of AMD processors. This feature provides the ability to check for performance and errors by accessing ECC memory related counters and status bits.

Support for AMD Systems with More Than 1TB Memory

The kernel now supports memory configurations with more than 1TB of RAM on AMD systems.