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Chapter 10. Desktop and Graphics

Graphics Updates and New Hardware Support

Graphics updates in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 include the following:
  • Support for future Intel and AMD devices
  • Spice improvements
  • Improved multi monitor support and touch screen support

Updated gdm

Updates to the gdm application include fixes of password expiration messages, mutli-seat support and local interoperability problems.

Upgraded Evolution

The Evolution application has been upgraded to upstream version 2.32 to improve interoperability with Microsoft Exchange. This includes the new Exchange Web Service (EWS), improved meeting support and improved folder support.

Rebased LibreOffice

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 release, LibreOffice has been upgraded to upstream version 4.0.4.

Support for AMD GPUs

Support for the latest AMD graphics processor units (GPUs) has been added to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5

Alias Support in NetworkManager

Alias support has been added to NetworkManager. However, users are strongly recommended to use the multiple or secondary IP feature instead.