Chapter 1. Installation

FCoE Support in the Kickstart File

When using a kickstart file to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, with the new fcoe kickstart option you can specify which Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) devices should be activated automatically in addition to those discovered by Enhanced Disk Drive (EDD) services. For more information, refer to the Kickstart Options section in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Installation Guide.

Installation over VLAN

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, the vlanid= boot option and the --vlanid= kickstart option allow you to set a virtual LAN ID (802.1q tag) for a specified network device. By specifying either one of these options, installation of the system can be done over a VLAN.

Configuring Bonding

The bond boot option and the --bondslaves and --bondopts kickstart options can now be used to configure bonding as a part of the installation process. For more information on how to configure bonding, refer to the following parts of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Installation Guide: section Kickstart Options and chapter Boot Options.