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Chapter 4. Resource Management

Network priority cgroup resource controller

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 introduces the Network Priority (net_prio) resource controller, which provides a way to dynamically set the priority of network traffic per each network interface for applications within various cgroups. For more information, refer to the Resource Management Guide.

OOM control and notification API for cgroups

The memory resource controller implements an Out-of-Memory (OOM) notifier which uses the new notification API. When enabled (by executing echo 1 > memory.oom_control), an application is notified via eventfd when an OOM occurs. Note that OOM notification does not function for root cgroups.

New numad package

The numad package provides a daemon for NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Architecture) systems that monitors NUMA characteristics. As an alternative to manual static CPU pinning and memory assignment, numad provides dynamic adjustment to minimize memory latency on an ongoing basis. The package also provides an interface that can be used to query the numad daemon for the best manual placement of an application. The numad package is introduced as a Technology Preview.