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4.366. yum-utils

Updated yum-utils packages that fix several bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The yum-utils packages provide a collection of utilities and examples for the Yum package manager.

Bug Fixes

When using the previous version of the yum-groups-manager utility, an attempt to use the "-c" (or "--config") command line option to specify an alternative configuration file failed, and the utility incorrectly used the default /etc/yum.conf file. This update adapts the underlying source code to correct this error, and yum-groups-manager now accepts alternative configuration files as expected.
Prior to this update, when the yumdownloader utility failed to download a requested package, it incorrectly exited with a status of 0. With this update, yumdownloader exits with a non-zero status in these situations.
Due to an error in the detection of the return value of an internal method, the previous version of the yum-builddep utility failed to exit with a non-zero exit status when it encountered an error. This update applies a patch that ensures the return value of the aforementioned method is correctly evaluated, and when an error is encountered, yum-builddep now exits with a non-zero status as expected.
Previously, when a user executed the reposync utility with the "-r" (or "--repoid") command line option, the utility incorrectly used repositories that were enabled in the configuration. This update applies a patch to make sure these command line options work correctly.
When using the priorities plug-in, running the "yum update" command may have incorrectly failed to offer some packages for update. This update corrects this error, and the priorities plug-in no longer prevents "yum update" from fully updating the system.
Prior to this update, certain commands in the EXAMPLES sections of the repoquery(1), show-installed(1), yum-filter-data(1), yum-groups-manager(1), yum-list-data(1), and yum-verify(1) manual pages used incorrect glyphs for single quotes. Consequent to this, an attempt to copy such a command and run it on the command line failed with an error. This update ensures that all command examples now use typewriter straight single quotes as expected.
Various typos in the yum-security(8) manual page have been corrected.


Source repository patterns for Red Hat Network (RHN) have been added to the yumdownloader and yum-builddep utilities.
All users of yum-utils are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.