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4.349. xfsprogs

Updated xfsprogs packages that fix two bugs are now available.
xfsprogs contains a set of commands to use the XFS filesystem, including mkfs.xfs.

Bug Fixes

xfs_quota is the xfsprogs utility for managing XFS file system quotas. When "xfs_quota" was run on an XFS file system which had user quotas enabled but no enabled group quotas, it generated "XFS_GETQUOTA: No such process" errors. That is, xfs_quota was asking for and attempting to report on quotas which were not there. This update corrects this behavior. xfs_quota no longer tries to report on quotas that are not present and, consequently, the error above no longer presents.
xfs_repair is the xfsprogs utility for repairing XFS file systems. Previously, when "xfs_repair -n" (the "-n" switch puts xfs_repair into "report-only, do not modify" mode) was run on an XFS filesystem, a check for whether a particular called pointer -- agno -- was within the file system was not done. In some circumstances (for example, if the file system had corrupted directory entries) this could cause the utility to read uninitialized memory, resulting in a segfault. As of this update "xfs_mount" is specifically passed to affected functions and agno is checked to ensure it is inside the XFS file system. Consequently, the uninitialized memory reads and resultant segfaults no longer occur.
All XFS users should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.