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4.301. spice-protocol

An updated spice-protocol package that fixes one bug and adds several enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The spice-protocol package contains header files that describe the SPICE protocol and the QXL para-virtualized graphics card. The SPICE protocol is needed to build newer versions of the spice-client and the spice-server packages.
The spice-protocol package has been upgraded to upstream version 0.8.1, which provides a number of enhancements over the previous version, including support for asynchronous guest I/O operations, support for suspending guest I/O operations, and support for changing guest volume. (BZ#723480)

Bug Fix

The SPICE client failed to connect to the SPICE server on the target host after a virtual machine had been migrated to a remote machine. This happened when the migration of the virtual machine took longer than the expiration time of the SPICE ticket that was set on the target host. Without a valid password, the SPICE server refused connection from the SPICE client and the SPICE session had to be closed. To prevent this problem, support for spice semi-seamless migration has been added. Other components such as spice-client, spice-server and qemu-kvm have also been modified to support this feature. SPICE now allows the SPICE client to connect to the SPICE server on the target host at the very start of the virtual machine migration, just before the migrate monitor command is given to the qemu-kvm application. With a valid ticket on the target host, the SPICE ticket on the destination no longer expires and the SPICE client now remains open when the virtual machine migration is done.
All users of spice-protocol are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes this bug and adds these enhancements.