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4.270. rhn-client-tools and yum-rhn-plugin

Updated rhn-client-tools and yum-rhn-plugin packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The rhn-client-tools and yum-rhn-plugin packages provide programs and libraries that allow a system to receive software updates from Red Hat Network or Red Hat Network Satellite.

Bug Fixes

Prior to this update, the order of screens in the firstboot application may have varied depending on the current locale. This update corrects the priority of the Red Hat Network module so that the order of the firstboot screens is no longer affected by the translation in use.
When rhn_register fails to verify the server's SSL certificate, it terminates with a traceback. Previously, this traceback contained a misleading exception message which treated a CA certificate as an SSL certificate. The relevant exception message has now been rephrased to make sure such a traceback does not contain misleading information.
Due to an error in rhnplugin, running the "yum repolist" command may have incorrectly reported previously cached channels as available. This update adapts rhnplugin to use the list of cached channels only when the user explicitly requests it (for example, by using the "--cacheonly" command line option).
When used in conjunction with yum 3.2.29, rhnplugin caused the "yum clean" command to create empty directories in the current directory for every registered Red Hat Network repository. This update ensures that no directories are created when "yum clean" is executed, as expected.
When building a list of cached channels, the previous version of rhnplugin failed to verify that a cachedir directory exists. This caused this list to be empty, and any subsequent "yum clean" command therefore ignored these channels. This update adapts rhnplugin to create such a directory when necessary so that the list of cached channels can be successfully created.
BZ#702084, BZ#702107
Previously, running the "rhn-channel -L" command with an incorrect username or password or as a user without permissions to administer the system in question caused it to terminate unexpectedly with a traceback. The rhn-channel utility has been corrected to display an appropriate error message in this situation.
Previously, an error in rhnplugin occasionally prevented yum from displaying the download progress for packages from Red Hat Network or Red Hat Network Satellite. This update adapts rhnplugin to set up Red Hat Network channels during the plug-in initialization, and the download progress is now displayed for all packages.
BZ#710065, BZ#714113
Prior to this update, the presence of a UTF-8 character in an error or log message caused rhnplugin to terminate unexpectedly with a traceback. Such messages are now printed as expected.
Due to incompatible APIs, an attempt to run the "spacewalk-channel -L" command on a system registered with Red Hat Network Satellite failed with a traceback. This update resolves the compatibility issue and the command no longer fails in this scenario.
When processing the /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/rhnplugin.conf file, the previous version of rhnplugin incorrectly ignored options in the [main] section other than "enabled" and "gpgcheck". This update ensures that this file is now processed correctly.
When a machine is already registered using the Red Hat Subscription Manager tool, an attempt to register it with RHN Classic or Red Hat Network Satellite causes the rhn_register utility to display a warning message. This update rephrases this warning message for clarity.
Previously, the rhn-profile-sync(8), rhn_register(8), rhnreg_ks(8), and up2date(5) manual pages incorrectly listed /etc/sysconfig/rhn/update as the common configuration file used by RHN client programs. This update adapts these manual pages to use the correct file, /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date.
Users of rhn-client-tools and yum-rhn-plugin should upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.